Packaging:The wrapping material around a consumer item that serves to contain, identify, describe, protect, display, promote and otherwise make the product marketable and keep it clean. Packaging is more than just your product’s pretty face.Bespoke packaging products:Means packaging that is designed and produced to be

Book:A book is a medium for recording information in the form of writing or images, typically composed of many pages. Usually made of paper bound together and protected by a cover.Which type of paper do we use? Books are usually printed in silk paper, 100gsm -

Business Stationery: Includes products your company uses in communicating with its customers and associates.Which products are included in business stationery?Most common products are:Business Cards Letterheads Brochure Presentation Folder Envelopes Flyers Notepads 

WHAT ARE STATIONERY?Printing letterheads is an important part of presenting your corporate identity on a daily basis, adding prestige to your business. They can be printed on a wide range of papers. WHAT TYPE OF PAPER IS USED ON LETTERHEADS? In the printing of stationery we use writing paper (uncoated). Uncoated papers Uncoated

WHAT ARE NOTEPADS? Notepads are the perfect solution to meet your daily needs as a consumable item. Additionally, notepads are an option to promote your business by offering it as a promotional gift. They can be printed in various sizes with the most common being A5 & A4 . In terms of printing colors we can

WHAT ARE PRESENTATION FOLDERS? These are one of the essential forms for a proper and complete presentation of every business. Folders can be made to suit your needs. Both in size and design, with special cases to put your company brochures and leaflets. WHAT SIZE TO CHOOSE FOR MY BUSINESS FOLDER? There are

Calendars:A calendar is used to display dates and related information, usually in a table format. Calendars are used to plan future events and keep track of appointments, and so a typical calendar will include days of the week. Calendars are a great way to ensure

Flyer: A flyer is usually a single, unfolded printed sheet that is used to draw attention to an event, service, product or idea. A flyer usually contains a very simple message that can be conveyed quickly. Flyers are usually on a light weight paper to keep

Bookbinding is the process of physically assembling a book of codex format from an ordered stack of paper sheets that are folded together into sections or sometimes left as a stack of individual sheets. The stack is then bound together along one edge by either sewing with thread through the folds or

Brochures:Brochures are promotional documents, primarily used to introduce a company, organization, products or services and inform prospective customers or members of the public of the benefits.Brochures as a marketing toolAs we have mentioned before, marketing strategy is a very important element of a business. This