Where an irregular shape is cut from the paper instead of trimming square edges. This can be any shape but requires a die or cutting forme to be made up specially.



Punching small holes or slits in a sheet of paper to facilitate tearing along a desired line



Where a line is scored to allow for easier and tidier folding. Any board over 250gsm in weight will need to be creased before folding.


Spot UV

A high gloss finish applied to specific areas of print. This differs from gloss laminating which has to cover the whole sheet.


Water based Varnish (gloss or silk)

Water based varnish is a material that is added to the form during the production process. Essentially, a thin, silk or glossy coating is added. In this way, the product dries faster, provides protection against extraneous factors such as fingerprints, scratches, etc., and extends its shelf life. Lastly, the water based varnish adds aesthetically pleasing finish, giving the finished product a sense of luxury.


Lamination (gloss or silk)

Where a thin plastic film is fixed to one or both sides of the paper. This can create a silky matt or a high gloss finish, depending on the intended purpose and personal preference. It also acts as a protective barrier if the print needs to be more durable or is likely to encounter a demanding environment.