Where designs are pressed in to the paper to leave a raised effect.



Where an image is pressed or stamped into the paper creating a depression as opposed to an embossed, raised impression.



Duplex involves gluing two papers or boards together. Duplexing is a great way to achieve different textures and colours on either side of your print.


Edge Painting

Edge painting is the process where color is applied to the edges of cards, invitations, even books or journals.  Edge painting can be done in any color, including metallics and foils.



A printing process whereby images are etched onto a plate
When ink is applied, the etched areas act as small well to hold the ink; paper is forced against this die and the ink is injected into the paper creating raised images.



Raised printing used to simulate engraving, which is printed offset with resin powder and heat that melts the resin on the ink.


Foil Stamping

Process where foil is transferred via pressure and heat. Foil stamping is available in a huge range of colours and textures, not just standard gold and silver. Variations of foil are available in matt, pearlescent, diffraction, holographic & glossy finishes.