Invitations: For various business events or special days in your life such as wedding & christening. With a huge range of papers and various styles, the result will impress you.

What options do we offer?

The truth is that we provide a huge range of different options!

CMYK printing or

Pantone colors or

Foil Stamping :

Process where foil is transferred via pressure and heat. Foil stamping is available in a huge range of colours and textures, not just standard gold and silver. Variations of foil are available in matt, pearlescent, diffraction, holographic & glossy finishes.


Where designs are pressed in to the paper to leave a raised effect.


Duplex involves gluing two papers or boards together. Duplexing is a great way to achieve different textures and colours on either side of your print.


Letterpress is a traditional printing method dating back to the 15th century. The printing is done using a metal die which can be reused in the future. With this method the paper at the point of printing is pressed and gives a special effect. This printing method is rare and inefficient in large print quantities. However, it has recently revived as a technique for small quantities of printing, such as business cards and invitations.