Single (half) Fold (4 pages)

A single fold brochure made by folding the paper in half making four panels

Tri-Fold (6 pages)

Made by folding the paper in thirds. After folding it consists of six panels .

Roll (Barrel) Fold

The piece is folded inward multiple times as if you are “rolling up” the paper with folds.

Z Fold 

Made by folding the paper in thirds in “zig zags.” It opens like an accordion in the shape of a “Z”.

Accordion (“M”) Fold

Three zigzag folds with 8 panels (3 parallel folds that go in opposite directions). Each panel of the accordion fold are the same size.

Double Gate Fold

The left and right panels fold inwards to meet in the middle and then folding at the center making eight panels. Panels on each end need to be slightly smaller than the outer panels

8 pages Brochure



12 pages Brochure



16 pages Brochure