Binding Types


Saddle Stitch

A form of binding that uses staple shaped wires through the middle fold of collated sheets. In saddle stitched work that printed sections are inserted one inside the other on a saddle before stapling along the back fold.


Perfect Bound

An adhesive form of binding.  Signatures that are folded will have a section of spine cut off with the back edge rougheed, glue will then be applied and the cover attached.


PUR Bound

In this method we use the most flexible and strong adhesive.


Thread Sewn

A paper or board book cover that is attached to a sewn book block by gluing the spine and then trimmed to final size. In producing the sewn book block, after gathering of signatures, the sewing machine inserts threads through the spine of each section and then uses further thread to join the sections to each other to form the book block.


Case Bound

Books bound using hard board covers.


Spiral Bound

A form of binding using a spiral of continuous wire or plastic looped through punched holes in the documents back margin.  This can be either metal or plastic.


Extra Services


Case Binding

Case binding produces a hard backed book that has a strong and durable cover.


Cloth Binding

Similar to case binding, cover can be cover with book cloth.